word cloud of key words from course evaluation questions.

Teaching Evaluations Data: Spring 2010 – Present

Source for spring 2014 and forward: CoursEval, http://www.qc.cuny.edu/evaluate
Source for earlier semesters: http://courses.qc.cuny.edu

  • The data can be filtered by semester and division using checkboxes, by department or discipline using the pull-down menus, and by instructor or course number by typing in a name or a course. (Instructor names are in the database as “Lastname, Firstname”: if you are having trouble finding an instructor, try searching by last name only.)
  • After filtering, export the displayed data by clicking on the Download button in the bottom right. Choose “Crosstab” to generate a CSV (comma-separated values) file with numbers that can be copied and pasted directly into the table in the CV document.
  • Start over using the Reset button (bottom left).
Full text of questions
  • 01 – Did you receive a detailed syllabus during the first week of class? (1=Yes, 2=No)
  • 02 – The instructor presents the course material in a clear and lucid manner. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 03 – The instructor interacts well with students. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 04 – The instructor provides useful feedback. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 05 – The instructor returns assignments/exams in a timely fashion. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 06 – The instructor is available outside of class. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 07 – Reading assignments were valuable. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 08 – How difficult is the course? (1=Not at all difficult,  5=Extremely difficult)
  • 09 – What is your overall evaluation of the instructor as distinct from the course? (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)
  • 10 – What is your overall evaluation of the course as distinct from the instructor? (1=Poor, 5=Excellent)

Questions 10.1 and 10.2 were introduced as pilot questions in spring 2015:

  • 10.1 – On average, how much time did you spend per week working on this class outside of the regularly scheduled class time? (1=None; 2=1-3 hours; 3=4-6 hours; 4=7-9 hours; 5=10 hours or more)
  • 10.2 – How many pages of formal writing (essays, lab reports, narratives, term papers, etc.) were assigned in this course? (1=None; 2=1-8; 3=9-16; 4=17-24; 5=25 or more)

Writing Intensive Questions. These questions have been discontinued: summary data do not appear after fall 2014.

  • 11 – The instructor provided opportunity for the revision of writing assignments. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 12 – Class time is devoted to teaching elements of writing and the writing process. (1=Strongly disagree, 5=Strongly agree)
  • 13 – The instructor assigned approximately how many pages of formal writing (essays lab reports narratives etc.)? (1=0-9 pages, 5=26 or more pages)
  • 14 – Compared to the amount of formal writing you did in this course how much informal writing did you do? (1=None, 5=Much more)

Queens College Teaching Evaluations Data 2010 to present

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