Student FAQs About Course Evaluations

Evaluations are Anonymous

Q: Will the professor(s) see my name associated with my course evaluation(s)?
No they will not. All evaluations are anonymous and will never be associated with you. In fact, unless you choose to notify the professor, they will not know that you filled out the evaluation.

Q: When will my professors see the anonymous course evaluations data?
Evaluations are not released until after your grades are in. (Fall data will be released in January, Spring Data will be released in June)

Q:What does the “send proof” button do?
It sends an email to your Professor confirming that you have evaluated the course. It does not reveal the content of the evaluation.

Technical Questions

Q: How do I log in?
Go to Type in your QC Username (ex: JSMITH100) and your password. If you have difficulty please email the Queens College helpdesk at

Q: I teach and I am a student here. How can I  fill out my evaluations and see courses that I teach?
 Click the “Reports” button on the top left of your screen and you will be shown the courses that you are a faculty member in.

Q: How long does it take to fill it out?
 It takes around thirty seconds.

Q: I want to wait to the end to evaluate/ I changed my mind! Can I edit my evaluation?
Yes! You can edit and change your Evaluations as many times as you like until the deadline. Evaluate today so that you don’t forget and edit later if you change your mind.

Why you Should Evaluate

Q: Why should I complete course evaluations?
Course evaluations are an essential aspect of our evaluation process. Professors get valuable feedback from you, the student, on how they teach. You also help your fellow classmates by giving your opinions on the courses and professors.

Q: My department gave out a paper evaluation. Do I still need to fill out the online one?
 Yes, you must fill out the online evaluation. Paper evaluations are separate from the campus wide course evaluations.

Q: What if I cannot log in?
Email the Queens College IT support group (

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