How to ask for Blackboard Help

Help us help you. The more details you provide about what you were doing when the problem occurred, the better we can help you. Try to provide the following information:

  • The operating system and version you were running (e.g., Mac or Windows)
  • The browser and version (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) you were running.

If you are faculty and

You need help with one of these issues, contact the ITS department
  • Courses not showing up
  • Adding users to a course
  • Course Migration
  • Archiving & restoring archives
  • Bugs
  • Browser issues
  • Login Issues
  • Student Access issues
  • Copying Assignments between courses

ITS help desk
Dining Hall 150
After-hours Blackboard Support

You want to learn about one of these features, contact CTL
  • Tests, quizzes, surveys
  • Discussion board, wiki, blog
  • Syllabus
  • Grade center
  • Assignments
  • Adding content in general
  • Creating Announcements and emails
  • SafeAssign
  • Adding Video
  • Setting up and working with Bb Collaborate
  • Grading strategies
  • How to use Discussion Boards, blogs and wikis effectively
  • Setting up virtual office hours
  • Blackboard tips for Teaching online
  • Tracking student performance

Center for Teaching and Learning

You want to take a refresher course on Blackboard Basics
You can take a self-paced Blackboard Basics for Queens College Faculty. It’s strictly to refresh some basic skills. You won’t receive a stipend or certificate. To enroll:

  1. Go to the Blackboard landing page and look for the Course Search towards the bottom left, after the list of your courses. Enter Blackboard Basics for Queens College Faculty and click Go.
    course search 
  2. The Blackboard course should display right away. Click on the grey circle next to the Course ID and click enroll.
    Grey circle next to Blackboard Basics Course Name
  3. Click on Submit to enroll.
    Click "Submit" to complete your enrollment."

If you are a student

Contact the ITS Help Desk:
Dining Hall 150

After-hours Blackboard Support



Instructor Webinar Series: Teaching with Blackboard from Basics to Advanced
45-minute webinars which will be recorded and emailed to you after the session. If you can’t attend live, register so that you can receive a link to the recording.
Blackboard Help for Instructors
Blackboard Learn Videos for Instructors CUNY Blackboard User Guides for Faculty

Student Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Compatible Browsers

Not all browsers support all Blackboard functions equally. To make sure you are using a compatible browser, visit the Browser Checker

Blackboard Faculty FAQs

My students can't see my Blackboard courses! (Make your course available)

The default setting for a course shell is “not currently available”. Remember to make your course available (when it’s ready for viewing!). On any page inside your course, look for the padlock icon at the upper right. Click on it to toggle between Make Available and Make Unavailable. If you don’t see the padlock icon, click on “Home” in the upper left corner of the browser window, then go back to your course. You should then see the padlock icon. toggling between Make available/make unavailable

I can't see my Blackboard courses!
  • CUNYFirst does not list you as an instructor for the course sections in question.  You can check this yourself in CUNYFirst.  If you are not listed as instructor, you can ask the person in your department who handles course setup to add you as an instructor.  This will then update in BlackBoard within 24 hours.
  • The missing sections do not exist in CUNYFirst (again, verifiable in CUNYFirst). Ask your department to submit the course creation to the registrar/CUNYFirst applies.
  • There is a Blackboard issue that is causing the other sections to not show.  So, if your course is listed in CUNYFirst AND you are listed as the instructor, contact IT at they can investigate the issue for you. In the future, if a course doesn’t show up in Blackboard, you can follow this 3 step process to determine where the problem is.
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