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Acknowledging Neurodiversity and Removing Barriers for Autistic College Students (ACS)

Please join us as we embark on another journey of our continuing discussion revolving around Universal Design Learning. 

Over the past decade, there has been a substantial increase in the number of Autistic College students (ACS) enrolling in postsecondary education. However, there are distinct challenges faced by ACS and neurodivergent students in their path to graduation. We will discuss learner variability and some of the difficulties that may be experienced by students and instructors. We will also describe how both knowledge of neurodiversity and use of principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) may create a supportive, inclusive learning environment for all students, which may improve student outcomes. 

Neurodiversity session goals

  • Understand what the term Neurodiversity means and the different ways that individuals with ASD may present in the classroom
  • Identify how the principles of UDL can reduce barriers to learning and create a more inclusive learning environment
  • Identify specific UDL strategies that can be implemented in the classroom.

This event will be virtual (via Zoom) from 12 noon to 1:00 pm on June 15th, 2022.

Recorded presentation:

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Guest Presenters

Sally Izquierdo

Sally Izquierdo, PhD in Behavior Analysis

Dr. Izquierdo is a Board Certified and NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst. She graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a master’s degree in counseling and from CUNY Queens College and The Graduate Center with a PhD in Behavior Analysis.

Dr. Izquierdo has over 25 years of clinical experience, providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities, families, and professionals in homes, schools, and in the community. Her work as chair of NYSABA’s legislative committee contributed significantly to the recent removal of the scope of practice restriction for licensed behavior analysts in New York. Dr. Izquierdo currently sits on the NYSABA board as Representative at Large and Chair of the Student Activities committee.

At Queens College, Dr. Izquierdo is responsible for the clinical training for all master’s programs in the psychology department and directs the Applied Behavior Analysis graduate programs. She has recently expanded clinical training opportunities for ABA graduate students at Queens College to include behavior analytic support to CUNY students with autism/autistic CUNY students.

Dr. Izquierdo is dedicated to helping improve the practice landscape for behavior analysts in New York and experience opportunities for students.

Gloria Livai

Gloria Livai, B.A. Psychology

Gloria Livai is a Neurodiversity Support Fellow studying in the Psychology M.A. program at Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY). She has a passion for helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through her experience as a volunteer and sibling advocate.

She is currently a graduate research assistant in a child development study for Fragile X Syndrome Premutation carriers. Her goal is to advocate for and direct therapeutic services to young adults with neurogenetic disorders.

Kartika Kumari

Kartika Kumari, M.A. candidate Behavioral Neuroscience

Kartika is a master’s student studying Behavioral Neuroscience at Queens College. She worked in rehabilitation as a cognitive therapy assistant for over nine years, helping people with traumatic brain injuries before switching gears and heading back to school to study neuroscience.

This semester she is working as a Neurodiversity Support Fellow. As a neurodiverse individual herself, she advocates for the acknowledgement and acceptance of neurodiversity in higher education.

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